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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

A categorized FAQ page for all things MYCURE

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How much is MYCURE?
Can I transfer all my patient records from my previous electronic medical records (EMR) system to MYCURE?
How do I get access to Specific Features?
How do I add discounts?
Is there a way to encode all my patient records in hard copies?
How many devices can I use for MYCURE?
I'm a specialist. Does the app have specific features per specialization?
Does my MYCURE account also come with an internet connection service?
Does MYCURE work offline?
What’s an ideal Internet Service Provider (ISP) for MYCURE?
MYCURE works offline!
Who else can see my patient records?
Invite a Friend
Is MYCURE using cloud in saving records?
Does my MYCURE account also come with a free device?
Which devices can I use for MYCURE?
What is an access code?
We don’t have internet in my clinic. Can I still use the application?
I would like to activate my Booking feature
Can I print records using a regular printer?
How do I mark the transfer order as completed or received?
How secure is MYCURE?
How do I accept invitation to join clinic?
How do I open the registration kiosk?
How much data does the app consume when used online?
Where do I see the patients in line?
How to Enable your Booking and Telehealth Settings
How fast should my internet connection be when I'm using MYCURE?
How would I know who created the previous consult records for my patient?
Is a pocket Wi-Fi enough to run MYCURE?
How to enable and disable kiosk information?
Can I transfer my patient records to other doctors' accounts?
MYCURE and the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012
Who can use MYCURE? Can anyone easily sign up for an account?
Do you have a queuing board where my patients can see if it's already their turn?
What does an account for secretaries and nurses do?
Can I have a backup copy of all my records in case I need it?