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Admin Module

A business tool to measure your daily clinic performance with sales reports, daily census, and user access control.

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Configuring your Clinic’s Specimen ID
Managing your Clinic's Withholding Taxes
Managing your Promos
Archiving of Used Clinic Templates
Generating your Specimen Tracking Report
Managing your Medical Records Forms Templates
Managing your Clinic's Corporate Partners
Customizing your Clinic's Registration Queues
Managing your Medicines Directory
Managing your Clinic's Imaging Tests
Auto-End a Patient’s Encounter
Generating your Clinic's Time Study Report
How to add procedure services with more than 1 session
Managing your Clinic's Website
Managing your Clinic's Imaging Report Templates
Customizing the Patient Kiosk
Managing your Clinic’s Billing/POS Settings
Customizing and Editing My Clinic Details, Schedules, Members, History, and Clinic Printing Header
Customizing Patient Info Fields
How do I open/close my virtual clinic?
Customizing Patient Tags
Managing Laboratory Analyzers
Managing your Clinic's Members
Viewing your Clinic's History
Managing your Prescription Headers
Managing your Clinic's Subscriptions and Payments
Customizing Specimen ID
Managing your Services and Schedules
Administrative Module Features
Managing your Clinic's Branches
Managing your Custom Dental Statuses
Enabling your Laboratory Result Indicators
How to send SMS?
Managing Lab Test Printing Settings
Customizing and Editing Clinic Details
Managing Lab Test Order Templates
Configuring your Imaging Result’s Control ID
How to set up MYCURE Kiosk mode in Syncbase
My clinic has different branches. Can I transfer staff members from one branch to another?
Managing Laboratory Tests
Creating your Imaging Sections
Your new Inventory Stock Rooms: How to set up Stock Rooms
Managing your Specimen Report Recipients
Requiring a Reason for Cancellation and Postponement of Queues
Managing your Clinic's Discount Types
Your new Inventory Stock Rooms: Transacting with your Stock Rooms
Managing your Clinic's Tax Types
How to set up MYCURE Kiosk Mode online
Managing your Clinic's Government Insurances
Editing your Clinic's PME Report Templates
Exporting your clinic reports
Managing you Gift Cert(Credit)
Your new Inventory Stock Rooms: How to set up Stock Rooms
Enabling your clinic's Kiosk HMO Flow
Managing your Clinic's HMO Partners
Your new Inventory Tracking ID and Expiry Date (Updated)
Adding a clinic member into my clinic
Opening/Closing the Clinic
How do I filter reports from previous dates?
Managing your Gift Cert(Discount)
Setting up your Imaging Module
Managing your Clinic's Payment Methods
Customizing your Analytics Dashboard
Managing your Clinic's Services List
Managing Lab Report Templates
Managing your Clinic's Imaging Order Templates
Managing your Medical Records Settings
Accepting an Invitation to Join the Clinic
Configuring your Clinic's PRM Settings
Managing your Clinic's Partner Diagnostic Centers
Customizing your Clinic's Printing Header
Setting up your Clinic's Laboratory Module
Editing your Invoice and Diagnostics Terminologies
Customizing your Clinic's Registration Module
Managing your Clinic's Partners
Monitoring your PME Groups with Summary Reports and Monitoring Reports