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Day 1 with MYCURE: Setting up your clinic
Day 1 with MYCURE: Setting up your clinic

Welcome to MYCURE! We put together a list of the first things you need to get started on your first day with us.

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Let's keep things simple.

Setting up a digital system is definitely overwhelming at first, so we'll make things easy for you to get started.

Identify how you typically acquire new knowledge

What's your learning style?

MYCURE Interactive Journey Map for Visual Learners

Below is an interactive map of the first things you need to learn about the MYCURE clinic management system. We presented them in this manner so that it would be a lot easier for you to visualize where your patient goes and what key activities do each of your staff needs to study in order to have a fully digital experience.

Go ahead and click on the map below to get started!

MYCURE Step-by-Step Guide for Reading Learners

Here is our prescribed list of articles that you and your staff would prefer reading to expedite your transition to using MYCURE in your healthcare facility.

Step 1. Identify how patients come in

Every patient’s journey begins with letting you know they’re here. Your patient can either walk in or book an appointment with your clinic.

Walk-In Patients

Walk-in patients can register using the patient kiosk. In case patient is incapable of using it, you can accommodate them through the reception. If you don’t have a secretary, you can always create one on your own.

1. Open the Registration Kiosk

2. How to use the Registration Kiosk

3. Adding a Patient to the Queue

Book an Appointment

If you have your booking feature enabled, you’ll provide your patients an instant access to your available consultation schedules.

1. Activate and update my booking website

2. Accommodating patients

3. Appointments made by Patients using Doctor's/Clinic's Website

Step 2. Front desk accommodates the patient

Front desk receptionists help verify the identity of the patient and determine which is the best route for them based on their reason for visit.

1. Sending a patient to queue

2. How to open Queue Board

3. Customizing your Queue Board
4. Guide for Front Desk Receptionists

Step 3. Patient settles the billing

Cashiers and insurance encoders get to document the correct payment type for this patient. Know how the patient can

1. Add items in the patient's charge slip

2. Add payment information

3. Print the payment receipt

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