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How do I update my profile?
How do I update my profile?
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Updating your profile is simple and easy. You can watch the video or follow steps below.

Profile Updating

Steps on updating your Profile

1. Click on your name on the upper right, and then a dialog will appear.

2. Select My Account and you'll be redirected to the accounts page.

3. Upload your profile photo by clicking Upload New.

4. Below the profile photo, update your name such as adding your Middle Name, Name Suffix, Academic and Professional Suffixes. This will reflect in your prescription and other printable records.

5. Upload or draw your e-signature.

6. Update your professional info, profession, and specialty.

7. You can also include your education in your MYCURE profile. This will also appear in your doctor website!

8. Don't forget to click Update Details to save all your changes!

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