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Managing your Clinic's Inventory Purchase Order
Managing your Clinic's Inventory Purchase Order
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Inventory > Stock Control

This is where users have the ability to Create, Read, Update, Delete, Track, and Print stock orders and other inventory processes.

Purchase Orders

In Purchase Orders, users can view the list of the orders per selected date range by clicking the dropdown bar on the upper left. They can also search for the specific Purchase Order ID in the search bar on the upper right for convenience.

Managing your Clinic's Inventory Purchase Order


To create a purchase order:

  1. Click the + button.

  2. The user will be redirected to the Purchase Order page.

3. Input the order details.
4. Select the supplier from the dropdown list of suppliers.

5. Select the due date of the order.
6. Toggle the enable/disable button to set the tax complication of the order.
7. Add a message to the supplier.

To add order items:

  1. Click the Add Item button.

  2. Select items to be ordered.

  3. Enter item quantity and its corresponding price per piece.

  4. Select tax complication.

  5. Click Save to add to the Purchase Order.

  6. Click Save to save the order.

  7. Click Finalize to send out to the supplier.

Once Purchase Order was received by the supplier and has already sent the ordered items, users can record this through selecting the purchase order on the list, inputting the amount of received items, and then clicking the Receive button found on the upper right corner. A prompt will appear confirming the action.

To void a Purchase Order:

  1. Select the Void button.

  2. Confirm the action.

To print the Purchase Order:

  1. Click the Print button.

  2. A printing preview prompt will appear.

  3. Confirm print.

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