Mobile Appointments
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Checking on your appointments for the day has never been this simple.

  1. From the main menu tap on the 3 lines on the top right hand portion

  2. Tap on Appointments

  3. Here you can see the appointments that are lined for the day

  4. Tap on the Filter Type and you will see the different status of the appointments

  5. Tap on the appointment status that you would like to view.

  6. When in the Pending status, tap on the appointment that you would like to approve else you can reschedule the appointment.

  7. If you plan on rescheduling the appointment, select on the date and the timeslot of the new date for booking.

  8. Once a status is approved and the Patient is next to be called on, tap on Confirm so that you can begin the Service.

  9. After the service has been completed, tap on the schedule of the patient.

  10. Tap on the Complete button to note that appointment has ended.

  11. You can also view Completed, Cancelled and Expired appointments. Here is an example of listings for Completed bookings.

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