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Telehealth for Patients
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1. Click on Appointments .

2. Click on your scheduled appointment.

3. Click on Go to queue .

4. Click on Yes, check in now .

5. You will be provided a Queue number and wait until the Doctor accommodates your appointment.

6. Once it’s your turn, click on Continue consultation .

7. You are now on a Video consultation with your Doctor.

Menu Bar

Microphone – This is where you can Mute and Unmute your microphone.
Video – This is where you can turn your Video On/Off.
Share Screen – This is where you can show your screen to the doctor, in the event you have documents and images that you would need to show such as x-rays or lab test results.

Chat – You can chat with the doctor and ask for words that could not be heard easily or may need further explanation.

Toggle View – This is where you can change the view to split screen.

8. Once the consultation has ended, you can find the details of the Telehealth appointment from the Appointments link from the menu bar.

9. Click on the Completed Appointment to show the information about the consultation.

10. You can also view your medical records done for the appointment by clicking on Medical Records from the menu bar.

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