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MYCURE Patients application Overview
MYCURE Patients application Overview
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1. Go to MYCURE Pxp.

2. Click on the Bar which has your name.

3. Details of your account will be shown.

4. Click on Medical Records .

5. You can view your Medical records like Prescriptions, Medical Certificates, Diagnosis and others.

6. Medical Diary is your own personal log book where you can note almost anything.

7. Click on Appointments from the Menu bar on the left.

8. You can see all your Appointments that were made.

9. Click on Upcoming, to see your upcoming appointments.

10. Click on Today, to see your current appointment for the day.

11. Clicking on Directory will provide listings of Clinics and Doctors using the MYCURE application.

12. Clicking on Notifications from the menu will provide information about your appointments, to the other activities on the account.

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