Imaging Collection
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This feature handles the monitoring and tracking of a patient’s imaging diagnostic orders and its processes. Users can CU Specimen ID and print the patient’s claim stub or specimen ID. You can watch the video or follow the steps below:

Imaging Collection


To accept patients queued from the registration:

  1. Click on the patient’s name.

  2. Confirm accommodation.

  3. Users also have the option to postpone or reject the patient.

✏️ NOTE: In the Patient’s Imaging Queue, users have the option to postpone and reject the patient being accommodated. Both prompts of confirmation for these actions will require the user to input reason of postponement or reject.

To generate a Control ID for the specimen of an order:

  1. Click the + button.

To select the date wherein the patient can go back to claim the results:

  1. Click the Est. Release Date .

  2. Input estimated release date.

  3. Click the method field.

  4. Input the method of extraction done for the specimen.

✏️ NOTE: To update, print claim stub, or print control ID, simply click the more options on the right side of the imaging test order.

✏️ NOTE: If Update is clicked, users will be redirected to the Reports page where they can fill out the imaging laboratory test results. To print claim stub and control ID, simply select them respectively and then a print preview will appear.

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