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Managing your Sales Report and Sales Order
Managing your Sales Report and Sales Order
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This is where users create pharmaceutical transactions from viewing sales reports to producing a sales order and verifying staff commissions.

Steps in Managing Sales Report

To view a sales report per filter:

  1. Click the filter bar on the upper left corner of the page.

  2. A dropdown list of date ranges will appear.

  3. Select desired date range.

  4. Users can now view the Sales order page by the selected date range.

Steps in Managing Sales Order

To add a new Sales Order:

  1. Click the + button on the upper right corner of the block next to search.

  2. Users will automatically be redirected to the Order Details page.

  3. Input the necessary details for the transaction.

To select a customer:

  1. Click on the Select Patient bar.

  2. A dropdown list of all the clinic’s patients will appear.

  • If patient is not on the list, users can simply enter the customer’s first name and last name as well as their corresponding OSCA ID no. and/or PWD ID no.

  • If the patient has an in-house prescription:

  1. Click the In-House button for a prompt of the patient’s prescription to appear.

  2. Select the prescription and the medicines to include in the transactions as well as the quantity to be bought.

3. Click Save when done.

For customers who don’t have an existing prescription:

  1. Select the Outside button.

  2. Enter the name of the prescribing doctor.

  3. Type the doctor’s S2 Number.

  4. Select the product to be bought along with its price and quantity.

  5. To add more to the Sales Order, Click Add Medicine .

  6. Click Save to add to the order.

To add more order items:

  1. Click Add Item .

  2. Enter product name.

  3. Enter the price and quantity.

  4. Select applicable coverages or discounts.

  5. Click Save to add the product to the sales order.

To update an insurance or company coverage on the sales order:

  1. Click on the Click to Add button below the Insurance/Company column.

  2. A prompt will appear showing the details of the item.

To delete a product:

  1. Click the red delete icon.

  2. Confirm the action.

  3. Click Save to be redirected to the invoice page.

  4. Users can perform the same actions as that of the Billing Module > Encounters > Invoice.

To edit the commission:

  1. Click Edit found on the Commissions section of the invoice right below the O.R. Number.

  2. Edit Service/Product staff commission, its percentages per private transaction, HMO, and/or government.

To void transaction:

  1. Click the Void button.

  2. Confirm the action.

To print invoice:

  1. Click the Print button.

  2. A print preview will appear.

  3. Confirm printing.

To edit payments individually:

  1. Click on the ... button right beside the Total.

  2. Edit or delete the payments made.

  3. Click the Add Payment button to choose a payment method.

  4. Enter the amount to be paid.

  5. Click Pay to save the payment transaction.

  6. Users can also click the Pay All button which will sum the total bill of the items.

  7. Click Save to record in the invoice.

  8. Click Save and End Transaction to finalize the invoice and end the transaction.

Users have the ability to accept staggered payments from the patients which will be duly recorded in the payment history as well as add notes about the payment made.

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