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Fulfilling and Sending Out your Clinic's Laboratory
Fulfilling and Sending Out your Clinic's Laboratory
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Laboratory > Worklist

This is where users can fulfill laboratory results of patients. You can watch the Video or follow the steps below:

Fulfilling and Sending Out your Clinic's Laboratory


✏️ NOTE: The laboratory worklist is where users can find the full list of worklist per classification and date range.

✏️ NOTE: Users can choose to view this by the list of Pending, Completed, Verified, Finalized, Sent Out, and Cancelled by clicking the classifications bar. For the date range, users can view per desired date by clicking the date range drop down list next to classifications.

To fulfill a laboratory test:

  1. Click the test to be filled out.

  2. Input the necessary data.

To cancel the laboratory order:

  1. Click the Cancel Order button.

  2. Confirm the action.

To print:

  1. Click the Print button for a print preview to appear.

  2. Other options that can be printed out are the Claim Stubs and Specimen IDs.

✏️ IMPORTANT NOTE: Only finalized reports can be printed out.

To select the technologist and pathologist in-charge of the test:

  1. Click the Select Technologist and Select Pathologist dropdown list respectively.

✏️ IMPORTANT NOTE: Once filled out, users will undergo a 3-step verification of completing, verifying, and finalizing test results. A report will only appear in the completed list if it was completed by a designated user. The same is applicable to tests that are verified and finalized. Once a report is finalized, users can no longer edit or update the result.

✏️ NOTE: For every verification step, a prompt will appear confirming the user’s identity to ensure the security and the details of the report.

To send a laboratory report out:

  1. Click the Send Out button.

  2. Select which diagnostic center to send the report out to.

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