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Prepare the right devices
Prepare the right devices

A list of supplementary devices and peripherals to complete the CMS experience

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These accessories may help you with your preferred setup.

A bluetooth keyboard is useful when you use tablets or iPads so you can input your records much faster.
If you’re transporting from one clinic to another, a flexible pocket wifi is handy as you can switch from one mobile internet service provider to another in case either of the networks is poor.

When you have a desktop computer but it has a problem connecting to the internet via LAN, a wireless USB adapter can do the trick. Simply attach and install this mini device so your desktop computer can connect to your wireless internet.

For Telehealth consults, you'll be needing a noise cancelling headphones so you'd be able to hear your patients clearly and vise versa.

It is also very important that for Telehealth consults, your patients see you clearly to establish a more comfortable consult session for you and your patients. Be sure to check your laptop's camera or get a new external camera exclusive for your online consults!
And there you have it! You're now ready to set up your accounts!


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