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Managing your Clinic's Laboratory Queues
Managing your Clinic's Laboratory Queues
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Laboratory > Queues

This is where users can view patients in the queue, accept patients in the queue, delete/reject and skip patients in the queue, postpone and re-queue patients, and lastly, proceed patients to the next queue.

Managing your Clinic's Laboratory Queues


To accept patients queued to them from the registration.

  1. Click on the patient’s name.

To postpone or cancel a patient in queue:

  1. Select more options.

  2. Click the desired action.

  • Select Postpone.

  • Add reason for postponement.

  • Select Cancel.

  • Add reason for cancellation.

✏️ NOTE: Similar to the Registration Queues, users can re-queue postponed patients back to active queue by selecting the “Bring Back” option.

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