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What is MYCURE?
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How does MYCURE work inside a clinic?
How does MYCURE work inside a clinic?

Watch how MYCURE Clinic Management System works in a typical outpatient clinic through this short video walkthrough

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Welcome to the MYCURE Clinic Management System, the most complete clinic management system that assists your patient journey right as you walk in the door.

Patient Kiosk and Queuing

Patients can into a kiosk that automatically gives them a number for the queue and wait until their number is called. Once it is, step right up to the front desk to be accommodated. Don’t bother with pages upon pages of forms–with our CMS, input everything in electronically.

What if your internet’s not stable?

With the MYCURE Clinic Management System, you don’t need the internet! Our SYNCBASE Technology makes it possible to sync up your entire clinic offline.

Billing and Collection

Cash, credit, or health insurance isn’t a problem–let the system get everything set!

Laboratory, Imaging, and Ancillary Services

With the MYCURE CMS, everything is smooth sailing. It exists to accommodate not just the patients, but everyone at the clinic from the receptionists to the lab technologists.

Powerful EMR

Doctors don’t need to put pen to paper for her records. With our CMS, all your records can be stored electronically. Even your prescriptions!

Smart Queuing System

With the MYCURE CMS, you can track your patient as they move throughout your clinic. Whenever they finish with one stage, they’re automatically queued up for their next procedure or consultation.

Records are integrated and easily accessible

For returning patients who go to your clinic to pick up test results, there is no need for unnecessary legwork just to get a piece of paper. All your records are accessible from the MYCURE CMS, even from the front desk. From entry up until the patient leaves the clinic, all of their encounters and interactions are recorded.

Digital Prescriptions and Pharmacy

With all your records on one system, pharmacists can easily check your prescription without the need for a physical copy.

With MYCURE, we aim to create an efficient and holistic ecosystem for your clinic. More than a clinic management system, we want to foster a clinic process that ENABLES HEROES and SAVES LIVES. Caring the extra mile doesn’t have to be stressful.

Make it easier with MYCURE.

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