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How do I add an inventory supplier?
How do I add an inventory supplier?
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Adding a supplier profile

In order to create purchase orders, you must indicate the name and other details of the supplier that you wish to send that order to. Here's how to add a supplier for your inventory.

You can either watch the video or follow the steps below:

How to Add Inventory Suppliers


  1. Go to Settings >Inventory > Suppliers.

  2. Add a new supplier by clicking the + icon.

3. Fill out the needed information for your new supplier. Click SAVE when done.

4. You can also add new suppliers in bulk by clicking the down arrow beside ADD SUPPLIER.

5. Click on the Download Template link and fill the necessary details of the companies that will be added.
6. Once you have completed the file, save it on a folder where you can easily access the file.
7. Then go back to the the Import button and click on Browse file , and select the Excel file that you have created.
8. Now you have added a new list of Suppliers!

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