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How to Enable your Booking and Telehealth Settings
How to Enable your Booking and Telehealth Settings
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Here are the simple steps on how to enable your Booking and Telehealth Services for MYCURE.

1. Go to your Launchpad, this would be your first page when you have signed in.

2. Scroll down to the bottom part until you see Booking and Telehealth.

3. Click on Get my own for free for either Booking or Telehealth.

4. Click on Yes to proceed.

5. Click on Let's get started! which is found on the right side.

6. Click on Save and Proceed .

7. Click on ADD A NEW SERVICE and Add new time slots .

8. Once ready, click on Save and Proceed .

9. Type in your own website address for MYCURE.
This is a first create first serve basis.

10. Scroll down on the left Panel and click on Publish and Proceed .

11. You can now spread the word of your website for Booking or Telehealth.

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