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How do I print prescriptions and other records?
How do I print prescriptions and other records?
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Printing Forms and Prescriptions

That’s right! You can print charting records, prescriptions, lab test orders with lab test results, and medical forms using MYCURE. This is one of our most valued features of the app. For this tutorial, we will be printing a prescription. Let’s start! You can watch the Video or follow the steps below:


Printing Forms and Prescriptions


  1. In the Menu, go to Patient Records. Select the patient.

  2. In the current encounter, find the record that you want to print and then click on the Options icon on the far right and select Print.

  3. This will open the print settings of your browser. Adjust printing preferences and print the document when you're happy with the preview.

  4. Repeat the same steps for other documents such as laboratory & imaging orders, procedures, and medical forms.

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