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Quick Access for Prescriptions
Quick Access for Prescriptions
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  1. From the Quick access menu, Select on Prescription.

  2. Search for the Patient requesting for the Prescription or add a new Patient.

  3. Click on Create Encounter

  4. Type in the date of Record.

  5. Tap on +Add Medicine

  6. You'll have tabs for Favorites, Custom, and Catalog where you can search for the medicine that you will prescribe.

  7. For Custom, you can add medicines that are not on the list.

  8. Then tap and type on the necessary information for your prescription.

  9. Tap on Save Record on the top right portion once you are set for the prescription.

  10. Tap on Bill Encounter

  11. Select the service, then tap on next

  12. Select the payment method and tap Pay and End Encounter else if you have a Cashier you can tap on Send to Cashier

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