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Appointments made on MYCURE app
Appointments made on MYCURE app
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Scheduling an appointment can be done and tracked easily. Whether the appointment has been made over the phone or walked in for making a schedule. You can watch the video or follow the steps below:

Appointments made on MYCURE app


1. To create a schedule for a patient, Click on Appointments and click on New Appointment .

2. Fill in all details required to create the appointment.

3. You will see the Patient's schedule on the Approved Tab.

4. Clicking on the Patient’s appointment will provide the Chief complaint, service, payments and attachments of pictures uploaded that were provided on booking.

5. Once the Patient has arrived from the Clinic, on the same tab click on the Confirm button and will provide a prompt if the patient is in the premises.

6. Select the queue in which the patient will be placed, depending on the service that was selected.

7. Click on Add to Queue so that the appointment will start its encounter.

8. You will find the Patient under the Checked In tab of the queue.

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