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Creating an appointment in MYCURE Patient App
Creating an appointment in MYCURE Patient App
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1. Go to MYCURE Pxp.

2. Click on Directory.

3. You can search for Doctors or Clinics.

4. Type in the Name of the Doctor or Clinic on the Search bar.

5. Click on Doctor that you will be making an appointment with.

6. If you want to book an appointment going to the Clinic, click on Visit Clinic .

7. Click on Online Consult to make a Video consultation with the Doctor (This option may not apply to all doctors or clinics).

8. Tick and select the service that you will take and click on Continue .

9. Click on the Scheduled date and time.

10. Click on CONTINUE to proceed.
11. Type in the reason for the Appointment. You also have an option for uploading 5 files of 15MB each.

12. Click on CONTINUE if the account that you are using is correct.

13. Read the consent form and Click on I ACCEPT .

14. Click on Continue .

15. Click on CONFIRM .

Appointment Summary

16. Your Appointment Summary will be shown, Click on Proceed to Dashboard to go back to the main menu of the application.

17. Your scheduled appointment will be checked by the Doctor/Clinic. The status will change to either rescheduled or approved.

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