What is MYCURE?

Here for the first time? See how MYCURE Clinic Management System can help your clinic become more efficient and cost-effective by using our modularized productivity tools.

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Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with MYCURE

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Frequently Asked Questions

A categorized FAQ page for all things MYCURE

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Basic Troubleshooting

How to solve common technical issues in using MYCURE

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My Account

Articles that are all about managing and updating your MYCURE account.

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Staff Training

A collection of training modules for your staff

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Registration Module

Registration & Queuing features designed to reduce patient journey turnaround time and medical record filing errors.

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Medical Records Module

MEDICAL RECORDS MODULE: An easy-to-use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) module for printing prescriptions, creating charts, diagnostic test orders, and other medical forms.

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Admin Module

A business tool to measure your daily clinic performance with sales reports, daily census, and user access control.

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Laboratory Module

A Laboratory Information System that seamlessly communicates with modern diagnostic machines through HL7 interfacing.

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Imaging Module

An Imaging Information System that allows doctors to view DICOM images remotely, and patients to view imaging results online.

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Materials Management Module

A Materials Management System built for healthcare facilities to easily monitor your in-house supplies and your over-the-counter products.

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Physical Medical Exam Module

Manage corporate and private Annual Physical Exams, Pre-employment Medical Exams, Executive Checkups, and Full Medical Exams.

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Pharmacy Module

A Pharmacy Management System with Point-of-Sales functions, Rx access, inventory management, and reports in one place.

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Syncbase Module

Work within your local network using multiple devices even if the internet goes down and just sync data when back online.

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Dental Module

A special Dental EMR for baseline dental charting, documentation for proposed and completed work, and other attachments.

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Patients App

Web and mobile app specially designed for patients. View and create medical records for future reference.

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Mobile EMR for Providers

Tutorials on how to use the mobile app version of MYCURE EMR

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Philhealth Konsulta

Are you an accredited Philhealth eKonsulta provider? Use MYCURE to process your claims.

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